I searched for a book and see many matches in the search results. Which one should I add?

Byzans displays all the editions of the same book. If the books have the same title, you can add any of them, you will be directed to the same club, regardless of the one you choose.

Byzans sorts the search results by the number of fans, the most fans at the top. So in case of doubt, always choose the book at the top. Also if you made a search by author, on “Stephen King” for example, the books of Stephen King with the most fans will be at the top.

I can’t find the book I am looking for

If you searched for the book by keyword, try again whether by scanning the book, or by looking up its ISBN code. To find the ISBN code of a book, look for the book on Amazon for example.

Conversely, if you scanned your book, and it didn’t bring any result, try to find the book via the keyword search.

How to add books en masse?

You can add books “en masse” by two ways: (1) search on your favorite authors, then add en masse the search results, and (2) the book scan is very efficient.

There’s no interface with GoodReads, as it requires to add the logo of GR all over the place in Byzans (and we don’t want that), plus it is not allowed for competitors of GR, and Byzans competes with GR in many areas (social network on books).

How do books and clubs relate?

There are 3 clubs for each book: one club “want to read”, one club “currently reading” and one club “read”. These clubs are separated. You can move from one club to another by changing the status of the book, whether in My Books, or in the club directly.

What is the difference between the café and the salon?

As mentioned above, each book has 3 clubs. In each club, you can discuss whether in the café or in the salon.

Cafés are chatrooms. The advantage of a chatroom is that the discussions are very dynamic. The disadvantage is that they are unstructured.

If you want to initiate a more structured discussion, for example focusing on a character, the salon is for you. You write a post about your opinion on this character, and the other users will comment on your post. Like a Facebook post.

What are the spoiler rules

In a Want to Read club, NO spoiler allowed, whether in the café or in the salon.

In a Read club, all spoilers allowed, whether in the café or in the salon, as it regroups people who have finished the book.

In a Currently Reading club, if you want to discuss spoilers in the cafés, you have to ‘mark them as spoilers’. To do so, highlight some text you are about to post, and select ‘mark as spoiler‘. Once posted, the text will appear with a black background, and will only be visible for the users who tap on the text. You will need to indicate to the other users what part of the book your spoiler refers.

Alternatively, you can also use the salon to discuss the content of a book in a Currently Reading club. You create a post called “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, or “Chapter 1-5″… whatever chapter or section of the book you want to discuss. Then you add a comment to your own post, with your thoughts on the chapter. Other users of Byzans will only see the comments if they tap on the post. So for a post called “chapter 5”, they will only tap on it if they have already read chapter 5.

You can also create a full break-down of the book in the salon when starting the reading. We recommend to create between 7 and 10 segments.

How do I change the status of a book?

Go to My Books, tap on the status of the book you want to change. Keep in mind that when you change the status of the book, this automatically changes your club.

You can also directly change the status of a book directly in a club.

How do I change the status of my club?

You can change the status of your club directly in the club. Just tap on the status button in the header and select the new status. Keep in mind it will also change the status of your book, in My Books.

Alternately, you can change the status of the book in My Books, it will automatically bring you to the club with the new status.

What should I do when I’m done reading a book?

You should change its status to “Read” so that you will join the club of people who have read the book (see previous question on how to change the status). That way you can discuss your reading with fellow readers, without any constraint of spoilers.

How do I remove a book from my library?

Go to My Books, tap on the cross near the status button of the book you want to remove, and confirm.

With this action, you will also exit the club of that book.

How do I get out of a club?

By removing the book from your library (see previous question).

You can also disable push notifications on a club by club basis (see next question).

How do I disable push notifications for a certain club?

You can disable push notifications on a club by club basis. To do this, go to My Clubs, and tap on the gear wheel of the club you want to disable notifications to. Alternately, in the club itself, tap on the gear wheel icon, on the top right.

Why is there a British flag near my search results?

The British flag indicates that the language of the book is English. There are more and more books that share the same title for the French edition or the German edition. The flag tells you what edition to choose.

Why is the cover in My Books sometimes different from the cover in My Clubs, for the same book?

The cover in My Book refers to the edition of the book you chose (with a unique ISBN code). On the other hand, a club can be linked to several editions of the same book (see previous question), each edition with a different cover. Byzans selects for the club the cover of the edition that has been the most added by users. This cover of the club is not necessarily the cover of the edition you chose in My Books.

I am a member of several clubs. How can I see if there are other members in these clubs?

Go to My Clubs, and scroll down the list of clubs. When you see only one profile picture (yours) in a club, it means you are the only member of that club for the moment. If you see several profile pictures, it means there are several members in that club.

Somebody posted an inappropriate comment. What should I do?

Long-tap on the comment => Report abuse. The police will come soon.

Why the name “Byzans”?

Byzantium was an antique city, renowned to be the crossroads of civilizations.

Byzans, the app, is the crossroads of readings.

I love this app! How can I support its development?

You can support the development of the app by leaving a rating and a review in the App Store / Google Play. This will increase the visibility of the app, and that way bring more people to exchange passionately on books.

Also, tell your friends about the app! You can use the “Share” button in the home screen.

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  1. Sam darnel

    How do I start my own book club ?

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Sam
      If you mean to start a private book club, it’s not possible yet in Byzans. All clubs are public. The best way to find people for a read-along is to add books as Want to read, then ask is someone wants to read soon the book, then move together to the Currently Reading club by changing the status of the book.

  2. Isaac

    I think it would be very beneficial to combine clubs of all editions of books regardless of title. For example with the Percy Jackson books, they are either their own title or “percy Jackson and [title]”. The separation is needless. And I am part of clubs where I simply do not believe that the numbers of people in them accurately reflect the amount of people on the app who have added books as “read”.

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Isaac, you are totally right, this is something we are working on. In the meantime, I suggest you make a search on “Percy Jackson”. Books with the most followers will appear at the top.

  3. Ryan

    Is it possible to access Byzans from a PC? If not, when is that planned? I much prefer reading and typing on my computer to doing so on my phone.

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Ryan, Byzans is quite a new project, and we started with the app only, to test the concept. If the strong start is confirmed, we will develop a PC version of it. We haven’t set a date yet.

  4. Jackson

    How do I add new friends? I just joined the app and I want to be in a few groups with a few friends to start off with.

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Jackson, at this stage you cannot add friends in Byzans. The friends you make are the people who want to read the same books as you, are currently reading the same books as you, or have read the same books as you. Byzans connects you with these people.
      Still we are aware that “adding friends” would be a plus for the app, and we want to develop that soon.

  5. Klou

    I know that Byzans is attached to Facebook, so why didn’t my name and profile pic on Byzans change when I changed them on Facebook? It’s not a huge problem, I was just curious.

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Klou

      Byzans retrieves your first name, last name and profile picture from Facebook the first time you log in, and then these data become your Byzans profile. There is no synchronization between the two profiles after that. If you tap on your profile picture in Byzans, you can update your Byzans profile data, including the profile picture.

  6. keely

    Is there a way to respond to specific comments in the book club? From what I’ve seen so far, all comments automatically appear at the bottom of the chat, and it is a bit difficult to tell who is responding to whom.

    1. Byzans Team

      Edit Feb 2020
      Hi Keely, you can now respond directly to a comment. Long-press a message from another user, and then tap on “Reply”.

  7. Ian Pfifer

    Adding friends or the ability to directly message other users would be awesome, especially when coordinating buddy reads. Is this something on the horizon in development?

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Ian, thanks for the feedback. We are currently focusing our efforts on improving the social feature within the clubs (‘mark as spoiler’ feature was just realease, coming soon the ability to ‘reply’ to a message etc). We will then develop a ‘friendship’ system, including private messaging.

  8. CD Baxter

    My book has an ASIN number. No barcodes as it’s an ebook. I thought I could upload pic up to this.

    1. Byzans Team

      Hi Baxter
      If not, then it must have an ISBN code. Look for the ISBN code on Amazon or elsewhere, then type the code in Byzans search, you should find the book.
      Is it a “Amazon only” book? If yes, then we don’t have it on Byzans. We want to add the capability to add books and upload pics, however this is not yet possible. Thanks for the feedback!

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