I can’t find the book I am looking for

If you searched for the book by keyword, try again whether by scanning the book, or by looking up its ISBN code. To find the ISBN code of a book, look for the book in Amazon for example.

Conversely, if you scanned your book, and it didn’t bring any result, try to find the book via the keyword search.

How do books and clubs relate?

There are 3 clubs for each book: one club “want to read”, one club “currently reading” and one club “read”. These clubs are separated. You can move from one club to another by changing the status of the book in My Books.

What is the difference between the café and the salon?

As mentioned above, each book has 3 clubs. In each club, you can discuss whether in the café or in the salon.

Cafés are chatrooms. The advantage of a chatroom is that the discussions are very dynamic. The disadvantage is that they are unstructured.

If you want to initiate a more structured discussion, for example focusing on a character, the salon is for you. You write a post about your opinion on this character, and the other users will comment on your post. Like a Facebook post.

I want to talk about the action of a book but not spoil others, what should I do?

If you are in a Read club (that is, if the status of your book is “Read”), you can talk about the action as much as you want, the Read clubs regroup only people who have finished the book.

If you are in a Currently Reading club, you need to use the salon. You create a post called “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, or “Chapter 1-5″… whatever chapter or section of the book you want to discuss. Then you add a comment to your own post, with your thoughts on the chapter. Other users of Byzans will only see the comments if they tap on the post. So for a post called “chapter 5”, they will only tap on it if they have already read chapter 5.

How do I change the status of a book?

Go to My Books, tap on the status of the book you want to change. Keep in mind that when you change the status of the book, this automatically changes your club.

How do I change the status of my club?

To change the status of your club, for example to change from “Currently reading” to “Read” for a given book, you need to change the status of the book, in My Books (see previous question).

What should I do when I’m done reading a book?

You should change its status to “Read” so that you will join the club of people who have read the book (see previous question on how to change the status). That way you can discuss your reading with fellow readers, without any constraint of spoilers.

How do I remove a book from my library?

Go to My Books, tap on the status of the book you want to remove, tap on “Remove book from shelves”, in red at the bottom.

With this action, you will also exit the club of that book.

How do I get out of a club?

By removing the book from your library (see previous question).

When I look a title up, I found several times the book I am looking for. Which one should I choose?

These are different editions of your book. As long as they have the same title, it doesn’t matter which edition you choose. Byzans will assign the same club to the readers of all the editions. You don’t need to add several times the same book.

Sometimes a title is suffixed with something like “One Little Lie: The unputdownable gripping crime thriller full of twists”. If you choose that edition, you won’t be in the same club as the readers of the title “One Little Lie”. We recommend to choose an edition with the title “One Little Lie”, without any suffix.

Why is the cover in My Books sometimes different from the cover in My Clubs, for the same book?

The cover in My Book refers to the edition of the book you chose (with a unique ISBN code). On the other hand, a club can be linked to several editions of the same book (see previous question), each edition with a different cover. Byzans selects for the club the cover of the edition that has been the most added by users. This cover of the club is not necessarily the cover of the edition you chose in My Books.

I am a member of several clubs. How can I see if there are other members in these clubs?

Go to My Clubs, and scroll down the list of clubs. When you see only one profile picture (yours) in a club, it means you are the only member of that club for the moment. If you see several profile pictures, it means there are several members in that club.

Somebody posted an inappropriate comment. What should I do?

Long-tap on the comment => Report abuse. The police will come soon.

Why the name “Byzans”?

Byzantium was an antique city, renowned to be the crossroads of civilizations.

Byzans, the app, is the crossroads of readings.

I love this app! How can I support its development?

You can support the development of the app by leaving a rating and a review in the App Store / Google Play. This will increase the visibility of the app, and that way bring more people to exchange passionately on books.

Also, tell your friends about the app! You can use the “Share” button in the home screen.

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  1. What about a review club that is open to all, that you can look in before getting the book

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your improvement idea. I just sent you an email to discuss in details how to implement it.

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