Chat about books

When your irl friends are too tired of you rambling about books

A book club for any book, at any time

1. Add your book

Add the book you are reading to get access to its club.

2. Join the club

You have now access to the club of people who are reading the same book as you. Say hi 🙂

3. Enjoy!

Share your impressions on the book, on your favorite character, or on this chapter that you love so much!

Fall in love with Byzans' features

A social network

Byzans is a dynamic book club. Whether on the chatroom or on the forum, there's always a community for you.No constraints, you read what you want, when you want.

A book library

Byzans enables you to sort the books you have read, you are reading or you want to read. You can search your books through the title, the author or the ISBN code.

A book scanner

With Byzans, you can scan all your books and get into their respective clubs even more rapidly!

All books are there

All? Yes, all. Fictions, business, academics, comics, cooking... you name it. In every language. And there are clubs for every book.

Global, multilingual

Byzans is active in all countries, from San Francisco to Vladivostok. The interface is already available in English, French, German and Russian.

An easy to use interface

Select your books, join the club and engage in the chatrooms and forums. Like the content, comment on posts. Have fun!